Just 2 weeks ago, the team at Slack released a brand new feature: Dialogs.

This creates an amazing opportunity for Doorbell to allow replying to messages, right from Slack’s interface!

Setup Slack in Doorbell

To setup the integration, go to your Doorbell application’s integrations. Simply expand the Slack section, and click the Add to Slack button!

This will take you over to Slack, where you can configure the integration, and select which channel you want to receive messages in.

After that you’ll be taken back to Doorbell, and the integration will be all setup! No more copying and pasting URLs!

Existing customers

To reconnect Slack, go to your Doorbell application’s integrations and click the reconnect link on the page.

You’ll already be seeing the actions appear in Slack, but if you try and use them you’ll see a warning explaining that you need to reconnect Slack (Doorbell requires some extra permissions to know who is performing the action).

Simply click the “Reconnect” link and follow the same process as above.

Once Slack is reconnected, the actions (even in existing messages) will immediately start working!


Go ahead, give it a try! If you haven’t got an account yet, go sign up now: https://doorbell.io!

P.S. You can keep up to date either via this blog, or you can follow Doorbell on Twitter.