Our latest project management integration is now live: GitLab!

Setting up your GitLab integration is very simple! Head over to your GitLab account, and create a Personal Access Token. Then open your Doorbell integrations page, and enter the URL of your GitLab account and the Personal Access Token you just created.

Once that’s done, you can start creating issues in your repositories!

By going the feedback thread you want to send to GitLab, you’ll see that the “Send to…” button now has a new option:

Clicking that, opens the form so you can select the repository you want, and type in a name for the issue:

Once you enter your title, you’ll see a note that the issue was created on GitLab:

The description is already prepopulated for you with the original message from the user. Nicely formatted in markdown of course!

Go ahead, give it a whirl! If you haven’t got an account yet, go sign up now: https://doorbell.io, it’s free!

P.S. You can keep up to date either via this blog, or you can follow Doorbell on Twitter.