Common problem: You’ve got a product/app/startup which you’ve recently launched. You want to promote it, but there’s no money for a marketing person. Not yet, anyway.

One of the easiest things to do, is to find a question on Quora, to which your product is the answer. It’s simple. It’s free. But, you don’t want to be one of those people shamelessly plugging their own thing.

“I recommend using [insert name of product]. It does [whatever it is the question is asking]“. Sounds good so far. Except… “Disclaimer: I work for/founded/am the co-founder of whatever I just promoted”. Not really answering the question fully, is it? Doesn’t come across as particularly trustworthy.

You want to avoid that, but you’re not yet at that stage where you can have third parties testing your product and writing reviews for it. And you’re running out of friends and family who are willing to do it…

A great way to do it, is to create a genuine Wiki answer to the question posed which actually helps your customers. It adds value to both your and to other companies’ products, and you’re not shamelessly self-promoting your own product. All you have to do is to collect together everything listed in the answers, and then add your own product/app/service. You find related questions. Repeat. It’s easy, it’s factual. All you’re doing is creating a list. No promotion. No plugging. People look at the answers, get bored sifting through the 15, 20, 50 long-winded answers. The list at the top is so much easier to sort through. Name of product, followed by a descriptive title (which Quora seems to do automatically).

There are two options. If you’re short for time, just assemble a list, like the following

If on the other hand you have more time, try to group/categorize the options by price or sub-type/sub-category, like here

Then you just have to be better than the competition. Sorted!